Packotech Service

At Packotech we know production halts are expensive. Our service team service team is always ready to go if needed.

​​Packotech offers 24 Hours service 365 days a year

Phone: (+45) 40 98 00 15

Packotech Service


Packotech Service offers:

Service Contracts
Maintenance Service by appointment

Reconstruction and updating

Spare Parts


For more information, Please contact, Erik Jensen

Packotech Service around the clock:

Packotech Service around the clock - 365. We know how expensive produktion halts are, this is why Packotechs Service team is always available. Our service department is made to assist you as fast as possible, if you encounter any problems with Packotechs machines.

Our service team:

Packotech services robots and automatic equipment throughout Europe. Our service team has 1-2 service vehicles that drive out to service jobs throughout Europe. The service cars are fully equipped with the most commonly used spare parts and tools for Packotechs machines and equipment. Packotechs service team also has service pallets that are sent out to customers - two complete sets for long-distance customers. The service pallets can be made of plastic for hygienic reasons, or normal wood for cost-effeciency. Packotech performs service on many types of machines and equipment: Robots, Palletisers, Roller lanes, conveyors and other automatic equipment. Service on other equipment can be, for example, robot grippers, cardboard dispensers, pallet magazines and lifting tables. In order to perform the correct service, Packotech uses a service layout and a checklist when performing service on the machines. Packotechs service team also uses a job scheduling form to keep track of the many service agreements. In addition, Packotech plans the technical resources many months in advance, because in this way we ensure that we comply with our service agreements with customers.

We offer Scheduled maintenance service

Packotech is happy to make scheduled service visits to your company and production on an ongoing basis. Our service department offers to come for service visits by appointment. Here we can test, review and examine your machines and equipment, so we are sure that they deliver the optimal performance. Do you need a service visit, or do you want to know more about the same? Then write or call Erik Jensen.

Education / Training of your employees

Packotech also contributes with training and education of you and your employees. If you can identify the problem in the production yourself, you will to a greater extent be able to solve the challenge yourself and move forward with the production. Of course, it goes faster if you already know the problem and possibly also know how to solve the problem. Packotech offers training in your palletizing systems, which you will be able to operate yourself in the future. If you want to hear more about our team, you can take a look at our company profile