Robot Palletizing
Handling Every task!

Packotech is the best on the market at providing robotic palletizing systems for bags, boxes, buckets, canisters, Eggs, etc. 

If you need a quick and reliable palletizing system for e.g. Bags or boxes, order a robot palletizing solution from Packotech. We are the best in the business at providing palletizing systems for all types of products that need to be loaded onto pallets. We have many years of experience in the robotic palletization of bags and eggs, which is a very difficult product to handle. Furthermore, our robotic solutions can be adapted to fit your specific product, production line and factory.

The advantage of using a robot to palletize your product is that it can perform many different operations, such as handling cardboard and pallets. It is also easy to adapt the robot to new products. 

A partnership with Packotech will guarantee you a palletizing solution that is both effective and of the highest quality. 


Reliability is our highest priority

Packotech has a wealth of experience with total solution project engineering, and we are specialists in the packaging of bags, buckets, boxes, etc., as well as in the areas of palletizing and stretch wrapping.

With a packaging system from Packotech, you can be sure that your capacity will be maintained and that you are getting the utmost in quality, so that your system will last for many years to come. 

We only use the highest and most reliable robots on the market!

Palletizing with the soft touch!

Palletizing eggs for hatching is not an easy job. For every bumb, the hatch rating drops.

Here at Packotech we have made a system for soft handling for eggs!

pallet bags_edited.png

Palletizing Bags and Gel packs!

Palletizing Bags and Gel Packs is no an easy task. But with the newest technology and industry leading Vacuum solutions, we can handle it all with no problems!

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Palletizing Boxes and wrapping!

Packotech have more then 90 years of combined experience handling boxes and wrapping boxes on pallets!