Palletising unit

More on the pallet

All cases, including heavy and bulky ones, can easily be stacked to heights of 98 3/8" in order to fully utilise the capacity of lorries and containers

Safe to operate, simple and versatile

The machine requires minimal maintenance and is easy to service.
The machine is available with either left or right-hand operation.

Simple and safe operation

The software is simple and self-explanatory, and is operated using a finger touch panel. When the stripper plate is filled, the operator steps onto a safety mat that deactivates the machine. The machine is supplied with safety screening.

Laster med magasin og indløb no backgrou
Laster med magasin og indløb 4 no backgr


  • Capacity: Up to 6 layers/min

  • Inlet Height: 850 - 1000 mm

  • Outlet Height: 400 mm

  • Max Full Pallet Height: 1600 mm incl. pallet

Our Palletizer can be customized for nearly any product:

  • Bags / Sacks

  • Boxes

  • Buckets

  • Newspapers

  • Trays

  • Bottles

do you have a speciel product type? write to us, and we will let you know if we can palletize your product on our cost effective palletiser


Palletizing buckets!

Conical buckets present challenges in capacity, safety and manual handling when palletised.
Many of our customers have attempted to solve this challenge with complicated and expensive grabbers, which lift the buckets with a vacuum, yet often this method results in the buckets being uneven, tipping over or unstable once palletised. 

We have developed a palletiser that solves this challenge, without lifting the products by their 'hair', and where the products are carefully palletised in the desired pallet pattern

pallet bags_edited.png

Palletizing Bags and Gel packs!

Palletizing Bags and Gel Packs is no an easy task. But with the newest technology and industry leading Vacuum solutions, we can handle it all with no problems!

pallet boxes_edited.png

Palletizing Boxes and wrapping!

Packotech have more then 90 years of combined experience handling boxes and wrapping boxes on pallets!