Custom Solutions

Solutions build to the customers specific specifications.

We build machines tailored to our customers needs.

if you need help developing a machine not made before, let us know, we will build the machine in close collaboration with your company!

when combining a custom solution with robot palletising and de-palletising your facility will be automated and optimised. 


Layouts and Documentation

Packotech makes the total layout, 3D drawings and documentaion needed for the machine.

Everything is tested before it leaves our factory in Denmark!

Palletizing with the soft touch!

Palletizing eggs for hatching is not an easy job. For every bumb, the hatch rating drops.

Here at Packotech we have made a system for soft handling for eggs!


Palletizing Bags and Gel packs!

Palletizing Bags and Gel Packs is no an easy task. But with the newest technology and industry leading Vacuum solutions, we can handle it all with no problems!

pallet boxes_edited.png

Palletizing Boxes and wrapping!

Packotech have more then 90 years of combined experience handling boxes and wrapping boxes on pallets!